Bee Feed Flower Mix

The Sierra Club sent me and a few of my friends some seeds of a “blend of annual and perennial flowers that provide pollen and nectar to wild bees, honey bees, and other pollinators”.

How the hell did they get my address?
Sierra club seed packet arrived this winter in the mail, along with a red and bold font, all caps letter telling us the world is ending.

“Great, I get to do my part in helping bees come back from CCD and mitigate the effects of pesticides and neonicotinoids that are threatening our food supply” I think. Then Cheerios comes out with it’s philanthropic/marketing push and the hippie community explodes about how reckless it is to plant invasive species in non-native areas. Yep, it seems that Sierra Club uses the same mix of irresponsible seeds to help these bees.

I go back and forth about how it’s so hard to do the right thing these days and if I can’t do it right I shouldn’t do anything at all but I can’t just do nothing and complain about the world… In the end I decide to plant these seeds in the front yard (aka trash area) since it’s surrounded by concrete and brick on all sides anyway and should be relatively contained. Clearly I haven’t put any thought into the evolutionary reason of why plants attract pollinators in the first place and that the buggies will be doing the distribution of invasive flowers in my neighborhood.

Please stay tuned for a update in 10 years whether Brooklyn is overrun by Chinese forget-me-nots. In the meantime, read this article about jerkface Sarah Bergmann
Maybe you can be a part of the pollinator pathway too.